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To -  All Soon-To-Be Married Couples

Art and Lauren Noriega - Married April 17, 2010


"After experiencing the most important day of our lives, my husband and I have three words that describe Maggie: Excellent Wedding Coordinator!!  She truly impressed us with her professionalism, attention to detail and personable manner.  


Maggie was contacted to assist us with our wedding day and the two weeks prior to the blessed event.  At that time, my soon-to-be hubby was not convinced that we needed to hire someone for these services. However, that completely changed once the wedding day finally came!  He was so appreciative and pleased to have Maggie as our wedding coordinator, he commented many times over that she was worth every penny!


Maggie went above and beyond for us, staying on top of things to see we had the best day of our lives!  I can’t thank her enough for making sure things ran smoothly - just as we had envisioned - from the little things (like reminding me to change into my comfy shoes during the dance), to the big things (making sure an unexpected water leak was fixed prior to the start of the reception).


Maggie is a very thoughtful and attentive wedding coordinator…her aim is to make you happy!  I highly recommend her to anyone getting married…in fact, one of my friends hired her right after our wedding! 


Maggie is the best!!"


Lauren & Arthur Noriega 






"The first mistake my wife and I made when we began to plan for our wedding, was that we did not hire a wedding planner until six months after we had started planning. Being stationed in Germany, and on literally a different continent, it would be virtually impossible for a joint military couple to plan for something as important as a wedding and see the results we both expected. After a few months of planning and getting nowhere fast, my wife had only managed to reserve our venue where the wedding would eventually take place, without peeling(reading) the layers of the contract apart, thus, our second mistake. After finally realizing that paying the additional money will pay off in the long run, we agreed to hire Maggie as our wedding planner.                        

  Within a few days she had already lined up some very good ideas for my wife and I to choose from. With her guidance, we were able to quickly personalize our wedding. Keeping in mind that my wife and I were in Germany, and she was in the United States, she stayed in contact with us by using both the phone, and email.  She continuously kept us informed of our monetary situation, and informed us of what money was owed to whom and when each deadline was approaching. By staying in contact with us and letting us know what she needed in advance, she allowed my wife and I to remain relatively calm, as she was doing all of the running around for us.

                            A few days before the wedding, my wife and I traveled to Texas for our wedding. Once we were in town, Maggie had once again talked to us about any last minute necessities that needed to be taken care of. On the day of our wedding rehearsal, Maggie got to the venue early to look for anything that might present any problems. On our wedding day, she took her time detailing everything, from my wife’s dress to table placements, and made sure everyone was on schedule. She went beyond all of our expectations. My wife and I were truly blessed to have Maggie as our wedding planner. She always had a smile, and her love for what she does shows in her work. She remained very professional from the very beginning. Thanks to her, my wife was not a “bridezilla.”  My wife and I will quickly recommend her to anyone who would wish to get married in San Antonio, Texas. As of now, my father-in-law has already agreed to hire Maggie for his younger daughter’s wedding."

Chris and Maggie Pinner - June 6, 2009



Maggie is absolutely the best! Maggie is professional, creative and very detailed.  In my opinion, these are key ingredients to make one successful in this profession.  She took our vision and absolutely turned the ceremony/reception into “a moment in time”.  The night of the reception I received countless comments on how spectacular everything was.  Our guests were impressed with everything from the flow of events to the decoration.  Maggie decorated the reception venue early enough for me to have the opportunity to view it prior to the ceremony.  Words really cannot fully explain what I thought when I saw the room.  I told her I felt like the brides on David Tutera’s “My Wedding Fair” after he transforms their wedding to fit their vision (my mouth dropped).  I had guests describe the ceremony/reception to be world class, elegant, memorable, etc.  I could not have expected anything less from a world class lady.  If you are looking for a planner…you cannot go wrong with Maggie Titterington.


Thank you Maggie.

Carla & Maurice Minor


You did and amazing job. You did a great job of taking care of Jason and I and making sure everything ran smoothly.
Can't wait to see the video!

valessa & jason

you are incredible, everything went so smooth. You were prepare for anything that came you way.  You were on top on everything. I had so many positive comments.  I did not have to say who you were, our guest  knew that you the one incharge and what an outstanding coodinator you are.  When I am asked about the wedding, the first thing that comes out of my mouth is your name.  My husband and I enjoyed every minute of the wedding.   You allowed us to rally have fun and enjoy all of  my family  from out of town and all our guest.  You are extremly talente.
Thank you so much, your are truly amazing.
Rene  & Nydia Agosta (Valessa's parents)




"I had originally thought that being an organized and detailed person that I am, I would do just fine planning my own wedding and didn't need to pay the extra expense for a wedding planner. It was actually my mom's idea to hire Maggie as a wedding planner and although I may have been a little resistant to it at first, it turned out to be one of the best uses of our wedding budget money. Living in Dallas and trying to plan a wedding in San Antonio turned out to be more challenging than I originally anticipated. Maggie helped with pretty much every aspect of planning and made the big day so much more enjoyable for both this bride and groom and our families. She has such great experience and contacts that we never had a problem picking a vendor and were pleased with the services we received from them.  She communicated both by email and by phone, making it not even an issue to be in Dallas while making some big decisions. She was able to give us estimates and keep our budget updated so we knew exactly how much everything cost, what had been paid and what was owed. The week of the wedding, she made herself completely available and was there to set up the reception site and church so that I was able to enjoy spending time with my family and friends that I rarely get to see. My husband and I had a dream wedding that we heard many friends and family say was "perfect". We were able to enjoy the day and didn't have to sweat the small stuff with Maggie taking care of everything."

From the Bride's perspective...Kristina (Arredondo) Yarbrough


Maggie was great! She went above and beyond normal expectations to make sure that Kristina and I had the perfect wedding. She paid very close attention to all the details and was very attentive. To's all the little things that count...and she made sure all the lilttle things were well taken care of. I highly recommend her to anyone who is considering hiring a true professional to help plan their wedding.

                                       From the groom's perspective....Billy Yarbrough                                                                                             






"I would recommend Maggie to any couple who is engaged to be married. Maggie has all of the characteristics you want and need in a wedding planner. She's not only been a great planner but she's been a 24/7 shoulder to lean on. She is very creative and continues to amaze me with her innovative ideas for favors, luncheons, centerpieces, etc.

She is also very trustworthy. My fiance and I added her as a joint owner on our wedding account so she could take care of our business affairs with ease. Trust is very important and Maggie is very trustworthy. It's nice to know that our wedding and our money is safe in Maggie's hands.

In addition, Maggie is reliable and has always been very prompt with things that needed to be done. Maggie is patient. I change my mind sometimes as often as daily. Maggie is very patient with me and has always treated me with respect. Whenever a problem arised, I knew I could count on her to have my back and correct it.

She has not only planned a wonderful wedding for us, she has also become a very good friend.

AND...she also does videography! She's a one stop shop professional! 

Ana & Alex Spencer



Maggie is absolutely fabulous at what she does.  My wedding day would simply not have been the same without her.  When I didn't have hair and makeup set up two weeks before my wedding, she made it happen.  All of her attention to detail made the wedding absolutely beautiful, and she was right on top of everything as far as timing so the day went by smoothly.  I cannot imagine how we would have managed without her.  Thank you, Maggie, for making the day more than we could have hoped for.
Kelly and Layton




"It has been my pleasure to work with Maggie Titterington many times. I have found her to always be pleasant and courteous. She exhibits a professional attitude, while maintaining a fun environment to work in. Maggie's ideas and decorating abilities coupled with her unfailing energy, is the reason her company, A Moment In Time, is such a success.  I would recommend Maggie to anyone planning an event. She gives 100% to whatever she tackles. Maggie's organizational skills amaze me! I hope to have many years ahead to work with Maggie and her company.


Patricia Alva

Alva Enterprises



I am the owner of Bud & Bloom Flowers and have been working with Maggie for about two years.  Maggie is a great organizer and very easy to work with.  She has the knowledge and contacts to make any occasion a great success.  I do and would recommend Maggie to any of my brides.  We  have show-cased our work at the Bridal Showcase for two years and each year was very successful.  Maggie would be a great asset to any organization or company.
Donna Epley
owner - Bud & Bloom Flowers



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BTW, you did an outstanding job. You know, you hear things about wedding planners and I guess some people might have a predisposed opinion. I have never met a working wedding planner, and to see everything that you did for Chris and Shannon was amazing. You certainly earned your money.

I wish I lived in TX, it would be nice to have kept in touch with you. Perhaps I missed my calling, I know it is hard work, but the rewards are bountiful in the "thanks for the memories".


Jennifer White



    Hi Maggie!


You know, I never took a moment to thank you for all of the work you put into our wedding.  I just want to say that everything was so beautiful and perfect.  It was all more than I could have imagined.  I loved the decor of the reception area, with the chairs, bows, and petals.  I was fully pleased with it all.  Also, the reception went so smoothly, it was unreal. We were so glad that we were able to enjoy every moment of our day.  And Scott really rocked out with the band.  That jam session was my favorite part of the evening.  It was wonderful working with you.  You have such a lovely personality, good energy, and you were so on top of every detail...Awesome!! You made a great impact on a day that was very special to will always have a special place in my heart. 


Carla Rodriguez











Maggie Titterington is an outstanding Wedding Coordinator. We engaged her at the outset of the wedding planning with a budget we wanted to achieve. After the initial meeting  discussing what the Bride’s dreams and visions entailed, Maggie advised us about the various options and set out to achieve our goals.  As a Coordinator she managed every aspect of the planning, including vendor selection, facilities, creative input, contract negotiations, and overseeing the entire event weekend.  Another important role she served was as a mediator between the bride and parents whenever there was an issue to solve. (Very Important!).   She is very professional and has a strong certified vendor base that provided excellent services. Maggie provides the highest level of service and our special occasion came off with excellent results. It was wonderful being able to enjoy our daughter’s Wedding and Reception knowing that Maggie and her assistants had the entire event planned and under complete control.  It truly was a beautiful event - everything the Bride and Groom wanted… and it even fit the budget!!!  Thanks so much for everything!


Keith & Nancy Rhoden, Parents of the Bride – Suzanne Rhoden




Recommendations of Past Clients - Video



 Moment in Time are phenomenal at what they do! Their attention to detail and fine video techniques create  beautiful and meaningful works of art. Maggie and Scott Titterington are a great team! It was wonderful to work with such kind, friendly and talented people. I owe all of my wedding memories to them! Thank you for your beautiful work!" 

         - Cassandra Meyer-Rusell         

(Bride November 18, 2006 & Miss San Antonio USA 2004)


Many thanks, Maggie , for the fabulous video! We just watched it and laughed and cried all over again. It was beautiful and you captured so many lovely and intimate moments. And we got to see so many people and so much fun at the reception that we missed in person, as wejust couldn't get around to everyone...I felt like I was in a revolving door going around too fast at the reception. We have 2 step grandmothers that weren't able to make it to the wedding and a bunch of elderly great-aunts of the groom in Missouri that can't wait for me to get up there to share this video so they can see the wedding too. This will be such a treasure for Grant and Brandy as well. Their love for one another just shined throughout the video. Thank you for a job well done! 

Sincerely, Vicki Goodrich


 "A Moment in Time Videography was even more than we hoped for.  Catching moments from the rehearsal the night before and all the way to lighting the sparklers after the ceremony and reception, each moment captured was perfect!  We were pleased with the music choices on the video, the candid moments, the ceremony, and the wonderful pre-ceremony shots with the bridal party, family, and guests.  We couldn't have been happier!  I'm so glad we chose A Moment In Time Videography!  They are professional, personable, prompt, helpful, excited about their work, fun, and very reasonably priced.  The end result was worth every penny!  Thank you, Maggie!  We will recommend you highly!"
I'm still so tickled at the job you and your husband did - so much was filmed that we didn't even know you were capturing!  Loved it!

Thanks again!
Have a great week!

Denise Humphrey