Should I hire Planner?


A planner can protect you from hiring companies that may not be as professional as they claim to be.  A planner can also save you money by referring you to vendors that the planner already knows and has worked with. The savings for you comes in when, in most cases, the vendor will offer the planner a reduced rate for using their services that the vendor may not have offered you without planner representation.  

A couple contacts a linen service and their regular price is $15.00 per table covering (for 20 tables) and $8.00 per chair covering (for 150 chairs). In most cases your wedding planner can get the exact same services from that linen company $8 per table covering and $4 for chair covering.  Add to that, the planner knows which linen companies are the best from past use and experience.
20 tables X $15 = $600, 150 chairs X $8 = $1200 

Total of $1800.

Your planner just got you the same service at:

20 tables X $8= $160, 150 chairs X $4=$600

Total of $760


The savings you will receive from services you would book alone rather than using a planner will often times equal if not exceed what the planner will charge for their use.

So which is better - paying $10,000 for your event and trying to either run it yourself (which means you probably won't get to enjoy it) or have to find someone to cover all the bases and hope they DO...


paying $10,000 for your event and getting an experienced professional included in that price to take the stress out of your day and do all the legwork and worrying for you?


How do I hire a planner?

There are a few ways you can go with a planner:

  1. Total event planning
  2. Vendor recommendation and slight direction
  3. Day of Coordination

 The savings and peace of mind that you will receive will out weigh the cost of the planner's service. In addition, you have a professional you can depend on to answer your important questions. 


What is the difference between the catering manager/facilities coordinator at the hotel/reception hall and a personal coordinator that you pick?

A personal coordinator is working for you, not the hotel or location and he/she is there to see that your wishes and requests are carried out, as well as to help in the planning of your event that is outside of the hotel or location.

A venue coordinator's chief concern is the facility they represent and it's maintenance, not your personal needs, outside of what is in the contract you sign with them. Find out clearly what your location coordinator and his/her staff will or will not do.  Your personal coordinator will work with the reception area staff to make sure the planning process is smooth and to your needs.


How much does a planner charge?

Depending on whether you are a "day of" or "month/s of" determines the cost. Fees can begin as low as a few hundred dollars to thousands. An example follows:

Month of services

  • Vendor referal
  • Unlimited access to consultant (phone or email)
  • direction of rehearsal
  • creation of timelines
  • coordination of wedding and reception

Day of services:

  • Direction of rehearsal
  • coordination of wedding and reception events

Keep in mind that usually for day of service, the bride is hands on and has already contacted,secured and given timelines to all vendors and venues. The Planner carries out the duties set forth by the bride and carries no liability for her vendor selections and their actions thereof. The planner can only work as well as the timeline set forth by the bride.

Also, the above examples are in no way inclusive or exclusive and most planners will custom create a package to fit your budget and needs.

Don't leave one of the most important days of your life up to chance and circumstance - let us work and plan for you!